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Bodil Stentebjerg Olesen


  • Co-founder of YOGAMUDRA.
  • Yoga is a way of living for me - a daily practice and a source of knowledge at many different levels, inner as well as outer, mental as well as physical. It is the base of my everyday life. Through yoga I find peace and energy to be a good mother, partner, daughter, etc. Since 2003 teaching yoga has also been my primary occupation and I enjoy every moment of it - grateful that I every day can share my love for both yoga and teaching with others.
  • Mother of Sixten (2005), Vitus (2008), and Iselin (2010).


  • Yoga nidra daily. Womb yoga and Viniyoga as therapeutic practices regularly.
  • Pregnancy yoga during my pregnancies in 2005, 2008, and 2010.
  • Ashtanga vinyasa yoga since the beginning of 2000 in the classical daily-practice format. Since 2012 more sporadically, because my post-natal body is no longer up for this type of practice.


  • I have been teaching yoga since 2001, first freelance in health clubs, yoga studios, and private companys in Copenhagen. Since 2003 I have focused on the development of and teaching in YOGAMUDRA.
  • I teach primarily Pregnancy yoga, Yoga for birth, Mum & baby yoga, and Hatha & yoganidra.
  • E-RYT 200 (experienced registered yoga teacher, certified by Yoga Alliance) teacher and administrator of our 200-hour yoga teacher training.
Training and inspirations
  • I regularly practice with more experienced teachers to collect new knowledge, insight and inspiration.
  • Paul Dallaghan opened my eyes in 2003 to the depth of yoga through his and Centered Yoga's Astanga vinyasa yoga teacher training programme, 300+ hours. He has also taught at YOGAMUDRA several times. He and O.P. Tiwariji are my main pranayama teachers.
  • Out of nowhere we got in touch with Michael Stone in 2004, and he has taught at YOGAMUDRA every year since then. In 2010 I also participated in his 1-month intensive training in Toronto. Michael is my guide into yoga philosophy and psychology and with his help my insight into asana and meditation has grown and matured.
  • Martine Batchelor also inspires my meditation practice.
  • My first meeting with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in 2008 changed my life and my teaching for ever! Uma is my "yoga mum". I am eternally grateful to her for making me a happy mum of three. She is also my mentor in pre-, peri-, and post-natal yoga. Through her Sitaram Partnership Pregnancy yoga teacher training and Early Years yoga (for children age 0-4 years and their parents) teacher training, both of which I completed in London in 2008, I have had the great joy of sharing yoga with approx. 2000 pregnant ladies and new mums. I know from personal experience what difference Pregnancy yoga does to a birth, so to me it is a "matter of the heart" to share this knowledge with all the women that join my Pregnancy yoga classes. And I enjoy the double bonus when I get to meet the babies afterwards in the Mum & baby yoga classes.
  • I participated in the Paramana Doula course with birthing pioneer Dr. Michel Odent and doula Liliana Lammers in Copenhagen, 2010. And a meeting with Anna Verwaal and her "From womb to world" course in 2014 has opened my eyes to the imprints we all get from the nine months in the womb and from our birthing experience. I completed my first doula training in 2015 from midwife Krista Bella Hultén & Smertefri Fødsel / Anja Bay Metoden, i.e. I can support birthing women in using both yoga techniques and the "pain-less birth" techniques from Anja Bay. I completed my second doula training in 2016 from Fødeklinik Maia and am currently receiving supervision from Maia's knowledgeable midwifes, Marta Orbis and Dorte Madsen. Yes - I do love births! :-) 
  • My Astanga vinyasa yoga practice and teaching has not been the same since I met Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty the first time in 2008. Especially their two-week intensive training at YOGAMUDRA in 2009 was a transforming experience. I wish for everybody that dare put function over form in the Astanga vinyasa yoga system that they get to meet these two amazing teachers.
  • I have been aware of the existence of Yoga nidra and practiced from time to time since our first meeting at the Scandinavian School of Yoga and Meditation in the mid-90'ies and through Swami Janakananda's iconic "Experience yoga nidra" cd. But still my Total yoga nidra training with Uma and Nirlipta Tuli in 2013 was an eye opener. What an amazingly nourishing and transforming practice yoga nidra is!
  • Also many thanks to other Astanga vinyasa yoga teachers that I have enjoyed studying with and learning from, many of them several times and over longer periods of time - some of them visit YOGAMUDRA regularly: Gwendoline Hunt (a great inspiration both as teacher and not least as human being), Richard Freeman, David Swenson, Meenakshi and Ron Reid, John and Lucy Scott, Louise Ellis, Stefan Engström, Mark Darby, Radha and Pierre, Rolf Naujokat, Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann, Susanna Finocchi, Lino Miele, Michael Hamilton, and Bruno Dietziker (see links). Finally, I have studied with K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois during a longer stay in Mysore, India, in 2006 as well as in Copenhagen.
  • On top of the many Astanga vinyasa yoga courses and intensives, and Uma's Womb yoga, I have participated in numerous shorter courses in traditionel Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, and Anusara yoga.


  • MSc in Engineering (chemistry), Ph.d. (applied microbiology) and trained in communication.
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