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Iyengar yoga | Drop-in

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Class description

Everyone is welcome in the two wekly Iyengar yoga classes. We practice basic yoga, create a foundation through standing, supine, and seated postures, and aim at creating a balance between being strong and beoing flexible - plus we handle the "minor disablities" (or physical challenges) that we all bring with us to the practice.

The fundamental principles, upon which BKS Iyengar's studies and development of the classical Hatha yoga rest, are: alignment (precision), sequencing, timing, and the use of props. The balance between mobility and stability, stretching, strengthening, coordination, and seeking to keep the attention steady result in that most students experience Iyengar yoga as a both dynamic and invigorating practice system that benefits both mind and body.

Please note, that we use the Iyengar principles of alignment to a great extent in our Astanga classes and find that the two styles of yoga complement each other very well.


Iyengar yoga is suitable also if you have practiced Pregnancy yoga and/or Mum & baby yoga with us.

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