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Yoga for runners | Drop-in

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Class description

In this class we focus on the question: How can yoga help you become a better runner?


Yoga and running is a great combination in many ways if you wish to use and exercise your body all-round, and yoga has much to offer you as a runner. Increased flexibility, strength and stability. Better posture, balance and awareness of the feet. All are things that contribute to more freedom of movement and increased body awareness, leading to a better style of running. Good style of running is a great starting point for feeling joy when running and to prevent injuries.


Please note that you do not need to be a runner to participate. However, the program is compiled to be particularly beneficial for runners e.g. wanting:

  • Flexibility in hamstrings and hips
  • Better posture
  • Better breathing
  • Better style of running

The first part of the class consists of an intense strengthening and stabilizing sequence, while the second part consists of deep and releasing stretches that may also inspire your post-running stretching at home.

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